Genre: Card Game + Roguelike + Music Game
Engine: Unity
About The Game: You control a party of not-so-medieval musicians that use their music to deafeat their foes. You only have one compass (8 beats) to act in each turn, so you have to plan your music (as well as the attacks, heals and effects) wisely!
Each character also have a chance to shine and deliver a mind-and-enemy-blowing solo. Hack and Slash through the dungeons and get more gold to become successful musicians… and heroes!
Behind The Scenes: Roundabout was made during the Ludum Dare 41, when we gathered our friends at Uruca Game Studio to try the “combine two incompatible genres” theme. Our Game Designer/Artist Manchae came up with the idea for a Slay the Spire-inspired game that would mash music, roguelike mechanics and a card game, and some of our friends took up the challenge! Felipe Osorio coded and Murilo Romera did sound design.
You can click here to see its webpage on Ludum Dare 41’s website.

Download Link: Click Here
Play Online Link: Click Here

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