Genre: Minigame Collection + Novel
Engine: Unity
About The Game: You are a football team’s mascot. Your objective is to help organize the locker room and turn it into a home. You will perform some fairly typical mascot activities and depending on how well you do them, the team’s morale will be boosted, resulting in better game performance. Also, you’re a dog.

Behind The Scenes: Piraporinha FC was an awesome game to make. At Indie Warehouse for the Global Game Jam 2019, our Designer/Artist Manchae was a bit late to arrive, but found a lot of  funny and dedicated teammates to tackle the theme “Home”. You do a lot of chores and tasks on the  team’s locker room, and depending on your results, the tem’s performance will increase or decrease. It was fun to spend hours writing a journalistic approach to a soccer game review that changes for each minigame you completed. Aim for the championship!

You can click here to see our entry at Global Game Jam 2019!

Download Link: Click Here

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